E.J Mentor and Youth Worker

It is refreshing to report the impact meeting you had on him,.  He went home and told his Mother all about meeting you and who Darryl Laycock is and his story. This is something that she reported as good to see and hear, as he was so positive about meeting you.

As you are aware he was sadly lacking a positive male role model in his life so this was a rare opportunity for him to have an opportunity to consider his future and the consequences for him if he did not make some changes along the way. This was helped greatly by you speaking to him in a way he understands and by telling him your story and how this could be him in the future. This is something as a Practitioner I cannot do as I have not lived or experienced this sort of life.

It is positive to report that he has not carried out any new offences since he met with you.  Considering where he had previously been in terms of his re-offending rate, he was without doubt on a fast track to custody and at age 14 this would have been absolutely tragic for him.

He went back to his education placement full time in September 2019 and continues to be educated in a School placement as oppose to being educated off-site for several months, as he had previously been due to his behaviour within a School environment. This will now see him able to complete his GCSE’s in School as oppose to taking them off-site in isolation of his peers. His current attendance at School is 98%. Again this is a significant turnaround.

It is so good as a practitioner to see the change in somebody after just one meeting.  This demonstrates the powerful  affect that the work you do with YP can have. Sometimes this is all it takes but not everybody gets that opportunity. I dare say, he will continue to have his struggles but I hope he is able to reflect when times are tough on some of the things you discussed with him as they certainly appear to have struck a chord.

Thank you once again Darryl for taking the time to invest in this YP for which I am grateful.

(after 1 one to one session) December 2019 

Teaching /Safeguarding Professionals

 “It was very good! Eye opening and felt that the students were more engaged because they were able to relate.”

“It was such a good talk, every one of my learners were engaged and focused on what was being said. It really hit home the importance of knife crime and how we need to become more responsible for the fact that this is on the increase. There were some scary facts discussed, I feel this shocked the learners but in a positive way to help them think and realise.

Discussing personal experiences made the talk more powerful, there were some distressing and heart-breaking stories but these will stay remembered and this is what the message is about. Sharing personal stories has meant that the learners have a realistic view on the importance of knife crime and really came away considering ALL of the impacts. Darryl engaged all of the learners and you could hear a pin drop at times, he spoke to the learners respectfully but at the same time shared an important message, he explained it how it was and was realistic, this gained the respect of the learners. I liked the way Darryl challenged comments from the learners to make them think about how they act and what they say.”

 “Darryl is superb, he really knows how to speak to the students on the right level, he was clear about the message he was giving out he challenged staff and students.”

 “He’s got a way with young people, he can talk to young people, he’s different to teachers – If I tried to do the presentation the way he did it, it wouldn’t of been the same”.

 Young People

 “You can tell that he was real you could hear the emotion in his voice, I put my hand up and admitted I carried a knife. Before that session that we had, I used to think my mates were always going to be there with me, I wouldn’t go home after college and sit there with my mum and dad, I would just go out and be out all night anyway, I’m the only girl.”

 “The talk really hit home, I really learnt a lot, the guy giving the talk was on our level.”

 “After listening to the talk I really thought about some of the choices I’ve made in the past, I know now that they were bad choices.”

 “There are no safe places to stab someone.”

 “Keep away from gang fights to avoid injury/death, tell people not to carry knives and avoid dodgy areas.”

 “Going to college and having a normal job is the right way to earn money and not selling drugs, carrying a knife/weapon has got consequences. Everyone has got a family at home it’s not worth it.”

Multi Educational Settings December 2019 

​”Presentations delivered by Darryl Laycock as part of our PSHE curriculum has given our students an insight in to the dangers of knife crime.  Darryl speaks passionately about the dangers of gangs and the consequences. He demonstrates a true commitment to delivering his presentation, and draws on his own personal experiences to convey his message. Darryl is diligent in his work ensuring all young people get the best chances in life, whatever their background. He tirelessly encourages students to raise their aspirations; to be the best they can possibly be.” 

November 2019

“Very rarely do the type of character Darryl was rehabilitate, this is why I support him, it takes a lot of courage to turn your back on almost everything and everyone you have associated with your whole life, this is exactly what Darryl has done.”

“Darryl is such an important role model for young people because he has massive credibility with young people as he has actually lived the life that many misguided young people seek to live, having been so deep into that lifestyle it would be easy for Darryl to continue where he left off and he would still gain the respect of these young people, but far from this he actively walks them through “the life” in a non judgemental non preaching informal way which is massively important in gaining the young people’s attention, whilst guiding them toward the right lifestyle choice.”

“I have worked with young people for 20 years in Toxteth, however the delivery that Darryl has and the approach he takes is one that allows him to work with young people who many including myself have thought were too far gone, this is were his credibility and experience comes in and opens doors that very few people can.”

“Darryl is also rare in that he is massively respected by people within the community,criminal fraternity, and authorities alike, not many people can fulfil a role such as his and still retain excellent trusting relationships with all concerned.”

“I believe that Darryl will further enhance his work and in turn save many more lives, this is what Darryl does on a weekly basis with not just a preventative angle but with people who are deeply involved and at risk of harming themselves their families and their communities. GOOD LUCK DARRYL YOU DESERVE THIS”

L.B.M College Lecturer & Entertainer

L.B.M College Lecturer & Entertainer

“Darryl has a unique skill in being able to connect and resonate with young people. Darryl works tirelessly and passionately to empower and encourage youngsters to aspire and reach higher than what a life of crime on the streets has to offer.. Darryl embodies his motto ‘It’s Never Too Late’ and this conveys in his enthusiasm and commitment in his ethos and the work he does with young people”.

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“Darryl’s reputation as a major player on the gang scene of South Manchester proceeded him. Therefore when I was informed of his supposed reform and asked to visit him in prison I was somewhat sceptical. His enthusiasm and desire to help others was evident immediately, but I remained guarded for some time. He has since completely won me over to the extent where I have entrusted him to work with some of the highest risk individuals in society. His diligence and attitude towards his work is commendable. In the relatively brief time Darryl has been out of prison he has developed both personally and professionally into an accomplished individual.

I am fully aware the road has been anything but a smooth one, he has had many downs since his release. There have been times when I have seriously worried that he would stray back towards his previous life but, he has shown tremendous courage and resilience not to let that happen.

I am proud to call Darryl a friend, something I would never have dreamt of 8 years ago.”

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KW Registered Care Manager

KW Registered Care Manager

Hi Darryl,

Just wanted to say a big thank you for delivering your training to us today. I found it to be informative, thought provoking and extremely interesting, not only through gaining knowledge via your power point presentation but also through the discussions we all had throughout, which included your open and honest approach to your own history to where you are today.

It was good to hear about all the other work you do with young people and raising awareness of gangs to a variety of others, you are an inspiration and living proof that good choices can be made. Also want to say thanks for sharing all your resources with us. I am looking forward to putting them into practice with the young people we work with.

Carry on the great work you do, helping both young people and adults change their perceptions about gangs and raising awareness to it.

K W Registered Care Manager

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Chris Daw QC Criminal Defence Specialist

Chris Daw QC Criminal Defence Specialist

I have known Darryl Laycock for over 20 years and acted for him in several serious criminal cases. Since his last sentence I have been incredibly impressed by the turnaround in his life. Darryl is utterly committed to working with young people to keep them away from drugs and crime.

He speaks with real authority, makes a big impact and I wish him every success in this important work.

Chris Daw QC

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Survived to Save

Survived to Save

“Having spent a little time with Darryl and seeing him present his lived experience at a Conference, it is truly a miracle that he is alive.  Darryl could have easily gone incognito, however, despite the incredibly difficult life journey he has been on the fact that he is so committed to preventing others from going through the same turbulence leads me to believe that he ‘survived to save’ others.

What Darryl has to offer in terms of crime prevention and giving young people hope is unique and could potentially save the lives of some of our future generation. With the statistics for knife and gun crime continually increasing I will certainly be calling on Darryl to work with professionals, young people and their families at the earliest opportunity as his knowledge, advice and expertise could literally save lives.”

Donna Sergeant (Children, Young People, Families Worker/Manager for over 25 years)

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Ref: Darryl P Laycock

In 10 years of working in crime awareness there has been 162 ex-offenders approach me post release or released on temporary license, stating they wanted to turn their lives around or prevent others making the same mistakes they had.

  • I have worked with 162 of them on their reintegration, rehabilitation and personal development.
  • 130 of these expressed a wish to undertake curative work with CYP educating them on the consequences of crime, using their negative pasts to inspire positive futures.
  • In my opinion around 97-99 of them genuinely wanted to do this work.
  • Around 57 did their best to deliver this message.
  • Of which no more than 11 had the ability to engage and get the message across effectively.
  • In my opinion 7- 8 actually have the credibility and experience needed for CYP to listen.
  • 4 or 5 have the right intentions and do the work for the benefit of others.
  • But there was one who stands out and continues no matter what is thrown at them.

Darryl Laycock is not just 1 in 162 he is a one in a million. I have personally seen Darryl go through hardships and climb mountains that no other person could have, just because he wants to help others. This man is an inspiration to both I and anyone who actually wants to make a difference for others.

We deal with CYP deemed the most hard to reach in the country and work in the most deprived communities out there, CYP often come from injurious family backgrounds and lack positive role models. I have witnessed Darryl work with and inspire these youngsters to become the best they can, the impact of which is quite astonishing.  He has an ability to engage CYP from all backgrounds, this is a unique attribute which no one is born with but he somehow has. Children have a great talent in that they can see through the bullshit that is why they wont tolerate others but listen to people like Darryl and can relate to him, in turn learning from his past mistakes made and genuine regret.

Good luck mate, you deserve so much always remember there will always be others who gladly take credit for changing peoples lives but keep fighting the fight because it is people like yourself who actually do change lives.

Yours sincerely,
Shaun Glanville

CELLS Project Development Manager.

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