Darryl Laycock in the media

Darryl has made great strides in his life and has proved a great inspiration for those whose lives he has touched. One of the first things troubled youngsters will ask when faced with a mentor is “Who are you, and what do you know about my life on the street”? Within 5 minutes of Darryl telling his life experiences on the mean streets of 1990’s Manchester, his legitimacy as a person who is qualified to comment on ‘Road Life’ is usually never questioned again.

Make no mistake, Darryl Laycock is the Real Deal and there is no-one better placed to understand our young people and more importantly, to offer a genuine, achievable Road Map to assist a young person in turning their life around. Darryl recognises he can only do so much, and he is aware that the rest has to come from the young people involved. This is where Darryl’s Road Map comes into its own, his success rate at reaching out to people and helping to turn them into into good citizens who contribute to our society, is simply astonishing.

1 – Liverpool Knife Crime Documentary for BBC News

2 – With my good friend Louis Cuddy being interviewed by Jane Couch MBE 2012.

3 – Interview with Marcia Shakespeare on Crimewatch regarding Gun Crime 2016.

4 – Bin The Blade/Knife amnesty Staffordshire 2016.

5 – Bin the Blade/Knife amnesty Manchester 2015.


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