About Darryl

My name is Darryl Laycock and I am a fully rehabilitated ex-offender. I was released from Prison on March 11th 2011. I was released as a MAPPA 3 TIER 4 offender which is the highest an offender can be. Most murderers and peadophiles are not deemed to be as such a high risk, which I believe is ridiculous . This meant I was a very high risk of harm to others mostly known adults aka opposing rivals.

Whilst doing this it was to restrict my movement and to prevent me associating with named individuals to keep areas I frequented in my past a safer place. As part of this label I was given I was also given stringent licence restrictions forbidding me from entering Greater Manchester for 29 months and all sorts of other strict conditions. One of my licence conditions was I was not allowed to be in public with my children in case there was an attempt on my life.

Just before I was released I made a promise to my family that I would never go back to jail having spent over 12 years prior in 19 different establishments for most gang related offences. I was offending from my early teens however as I got older my offences were a lot more serious and were affecting more people directly and indirectly. Through the life I was living I lost over 30 friends and family. I was involved in a lot of violence and as a result of this I was shot on 3 occasions which resulted in me receiving over 20 bullet wounds. I was also stabbed 7 times.