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Darryl Laycock was released from Prison in March 2011. When released on licence he was deemed a very high risk of harm to known adults, so he was a subjected to be MAPPA 3 Tier 4 nominal, which is the highest an offender can be.

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Darryl is a fully rehabilitated ex-offender with an Enhanced DBS and is also fully insured. He is able offer unique bespoke packages to each client’s requirements. No two packages are the same. The package a client wants constructing can be fully copyrighted after completed and under his copyright the service user can use this within their own organisation for further development.

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Darryl has made great strides in his life and has proved a great inspiration for those whose lives he has touched. One of the first things troubled youngsters will ask when faced with a mentor is “Who are you, and what do you know about my life on the street”? Within 5 minutes of Darryl telling his life experiences on the mean streets of 1990’s Manchester, his legitimacy as a person who is qualified to comment on ‘Road Life’ is usually never questioned again.

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Darryl Laycock - Stoke City

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